107/365 lens practice

I began to notice that I wasn't getting clear images with my 50mm lens. So I did some testing. I shot this still life of chili and a $5.00 bill. Over and over and over again. Auto focus. Manual focus. Pop the card out, upload the pix and look closely. Ditto with my 18-270mm Tamron. The Tamron had clearer, better focused images. Now the Tamron's a nice lens, but it shouldn't do a better job than a prime, right?


I took the lens to the camera store and discovered that it had been damaged. The mount and the focus ring were cockeyed. So not cool.

Praise God I was able to get a replacement.

In the meantime, I had about 50 shots of chili & a $5.00 bill.


Tracy said...

LOL! The things we go through....sheesh!

Kristal said...

LOL on the shots - sorry about the lens!