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I'm back in the "I want to post pictures just because" mode. No stories. No explanations. No memes. No themes. Just cuz. I've updated my url as well as the sidebar links. There will be no rhyme or reason. No consistency. Just photos. Just when I feel like it.
Reflection on the piano's music stand.


New Camera and Project

You know how it is at the end of one year and beginning of a new one? You get that want to make changes and improve my life thing. Or maybe that's just me. Naturally, there's plenty of outside influence since everyone is making resolutions, brainstorming their one word, setting goals, and generally evaluating their lives.

There are myriad photography projects - 365 (one image per day, although it would have to be a 366 project in 2012), 52 (one image per week), and others.

Sarah over at My Four Hens Photography is hosting a Project 52 and I'm joining in. I hope that a picture a week will be a little more manageable than one per day. She's including a theme each week, and participants are free to follow the theme...or not.

In the time between weekly posts, hopefully I can get back in the habit of posting some random pictures. I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I was able to get a new camera last month. I'm now the proud owner of a Canon 60D. I'm also planning to move from being a hobbyist photographer to being a part-time professional photographer. Scary, but I'm going for it.

New camera & no card - what a dork!

So I'm looking forward to an exciting photographic 2012. What about you? What plans do you have?


Amazing Colorado Sunset

These are all from the same sunset. It changed moment by moment and I couldn't stop shooting. I took over 100 images total. All are SOOC.

dec sunset-6

dec sunset-5

dec sunset-3

dec sunset-1


Colored Lights

It's fun to shoot Christmas lights way out of focus (on a tripod, of course). I really like how the colored circles have the same pattern on each one.

tree light circles

The tree lights are reflected in a glass jar on the right and there's a framed picture behind it (on the left) where they're also reflected. Love the colors!

colored light reflections


aspen leaves

I just love the turning of the aspen in the fall. While we have a lot of stunning aspens in the mountains of Colorado, I am blessed to have a neighbor across the street with a nice batch (?), grove (?), collection (?) of them. It's especially handy for those earlier morning shots when the sun's melting the snow from the day before.

aspen leaves

aspen leaves-4

aspen leaves-3

aspen leaves-2


Second Snow

If you get a nice wet snow, you should go build small snowmen.

target snowmen

And then shoot at them with your airsoft guns.

target practice

shooting snowmen

That's what homeschool recess looks like at my house.