8/365 spop

Remember all that sorting, purging, organizing, and planning? Well, it has an acronym. It's SPOP. Because it's easier. And it's fun to say.

In case you didn't notice, take a look at this picture at the faded mess behind me. That wasn't the worst of it, either. Yet here we have the happy results of an evening of SPOP.

8 - spop desk

I'm not sure why my images are less than well-focused lately. I seem to go through spells and I haven't really figured out the problem. Sigh.

I also just realized that the desk is even cleaner than that now. I took it a step further and got more stuff off. The little pile next to the printer is mostly gone. As is the lotion and jar with a candle in salt. The laptop is moved to the center, so I can stop straining my shoulder and neck by reaching all cockeyed. Guess I should've taken a newer shot. Oh well, it's still cleaner than that desk is about 349 days of the year!


Tracy said...

Great job. Mine is getting done tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

Great job! There's nothing like a newly cleared surface to brighten your outlook.

knit1kids4 said...

Nice job. I did mine the other day