7/365 and {1/52*} little ol' me

One of the challenges over at the Mommytography 365 Project is Project 52. Far too often, those of us behind the camera rarely (if ever) make it to the other side. You know, the front of the lens. So the idea here is that you take one photo of yourself each week and at the end of the year (if you're keeping up), you'll have 52 images of YOU. Or in this case, ME. Ha! Ha!

Here I am, hanging out in my studio (I need a new word, peeps. Any help?), sorting, purging, organizing, and planning so I can get back on track with life in 2011. Like the processing? It kind of hides the disaster in the background. Sort of. Maybe. Or not.

This is the lazy version, too, because I used the same picture for 1 of 52 and 7 of 365. Cuz I was busy. Sorting. Purging. Organizing. Planning. You know how it goes.

7 - me_52-1