1/365 sparkle

1 - tree candle holder

1/125 sec
ISO 400

I think that for January, my theme will be light. I want to focus more upon lighting and consider how I want it to be portrayed in my images through the camera settings.

The sun was beginning to set this afternoon and I just love how this candle holder captures the light - whether via candle flame or sunshine.


Jennifer said...

I like your idea for a theme. It'll be interesting to watch what you learn this month. I hope you'll share the process, not just the photos with us.

Tracy said...

Love the theme and great shot!

Katia said...

I love the theme and had been considering something like it. Yesterday I took a good look of all my shots form the project and realized what I have "more" or "less" on each subject, so I can improve it this year.
This is a beautiful shot. You always take beautiful pictures. Love it!!!!!

Anita said...

Looking forward to what you will capture with your month's theme. Love the photo.

knit1kids4 said...

Love it!

Lynn said...

I like the mood you created with the light in this shot. Looking forward to seeing what you do with light the rest of this month!