365-365 I Made It

The last one of the year.

365-snowy star light

Well, I somehow made it. By the skin of my teeth. (Where did that saying come from, anyway, and what does it mean?)

As is typical for me, I'm consistently inconsistent. For awhile, I stay caught up, then I slip a little behind. Catch up again, hang in there awhile, and then fall behind. And so on. And so forth. However, last year when I tried this project, I only made it about two months. This year, I actually have 365 days of photos posted.

Things I want to think about for next year's project:
  1. I posted metadata early on, but then stopped. I'd like to do it again. It's helpful when you're trying to learn how to take better photos.
  2. I didn't participate in many of the memes and challenges for the 365 Project. I'd really like to do that next year.
  3. It might be good to tackle one particular function of my camera or a certain skill each week/month (aperture, lighting, composition, etc.)
  4. I need to upload my pix faster. Sometimes I get lazy.
  5. It was very helpful to keep a log of my photos in a little notebook. There were days when I couldn't remember if a certain photo had been posted or not and it was simpler to just take a peek in the logbook. {Also helpful for those times I got a little behind. Which I don't plan to do next year. Famous last words.}
This has been a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed hopping around to visit the other participants' blogs - there are some very talented and inspiring ladies out there. I'm excited to do it again.

You're welcome to join in the fun. You can get the scoop over at Mommytography and be inspired, encouraged, and perhaps make some new friends. We'd love to have you!

Wishing a glorious and blessed New Year to everyone!!

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Katia said...

Oh Diane,
I love this shot! Very creative!
I am glad you will be joining again. I love your photography.
Happy New year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Cool shot to end the year on! Looking forward to seeing you in the next year!

bek said...

This is such a neat shot! I'm doing the 365 for the first time this year and I appreciate you posting your ideas. I'll be posting on my blog weekly, but I will probably upload to Flickr more often. The meta data is available for anyone to see there, so that part's easy.

See you tomorrow! ;)

Tracy said...

Yeah!!! You Made it! :) I am SOOO glad you joined.

kaye said...

what a great shot to end with. Congratulations--that was a hard thing to accomplish.