72/365 temperature game

Pam & I have a new game we play these days. She lives in South Dakota. You know, the Land of Too Much Cold? We take photos of our car thermometers and text them to each other, either to show how ridiculously cold it is or amazingly warm it is. Yeah, I know, you can hardly wait to start your own game with a friend who lives someplace else. Cause it sounds so exciting. Right?

Ha! Ha! Ha!

72 - seventy degrees

She says I'm mean when I take pictures of 70 degree temperatures when it's snowing and 30s in SD. I keep telling her to move to Colorado. But something about her little twin grandsons keeps her put. They are cute, so I suppose I understand.


Tracy said...

I could do that with Kristal, but I am mean enough to her! LOL!

Missus Wookie said...

I'd have to convert to F... hmm and find a thermometer. Fun enough talking on FB with friends in various far flung places :)