3/365 sunlight or shade

Sunlight is a beautiful and wonderful thing. So are trees, of which we have many. Although in photographs, it can have some less than stellar effects. There may be times that you want some lovely, dappled light sprinkled over an image. But if you're photographing people, particularly their faces, that's not often the look you want. In this case, the shadow of my nose slightly resembles a duck bill. Not exactly the image I was going for.

3 - me in sunlight

Shade, however cold in Colorado in the winter, produces much better and consistently lighted portraits. In this case, it also offered a fun reflection in my glasses - namely the tripod, snow, and our sidewalk.

3 - me in shade

So pay attention to the light, how it falls on your subject, and especially the shadows. And if you want a duck-billed nose shadow, great, go for it. But at least know what you're getting before you take your images off your camera.


Tracy said...

Exactly and not to mention you are still squinting with sunglasses on in the first one.

Jennifer said...

Shade is so much nicer in summer, though!

Candi said...

LOL on the duck bill...great explanation!

Katia said...

Oh Wow!!! Thank you for the tutorial. Please keep them coming :)

knit1kids4 said...

Yep sun has to be controlled!

JoAnn said...

Great thoughts and such a good way of showing it. Thanks.

JoAnn (we met on Homeschoollounge):)