243-365 perplexed

This is one crazy puzzle/maze/ball/thing! You have a tiny metal ball that you have to maneuver through the entire track, turning the ball as you go, because sometimes the ball goes on the bottom of the previous track. Pretty wild, but my son managed to get through it fairly quickly. Of course, if you fall off the track, you have to start all over again.




Katia said...

I think I would go insane trying to play this game. My fil, has one similar to this. I can't stand it. I can see a boy doing well with it.
great shots!!!!

Kristal@knit1kids4.wordpress.com said...

That looks like fun!

Katie said...

Wow. That sounds tough! I don't know if I'd have enough patience for that!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

I've never seen that before! How fun!

Tracy said...

UGH! I would get frustrated!