231-365 tomato plants

According to the Square Foot Garden book (apologies to Mel Bartholomew - mine is not technically a SFG because there are no wood lath pieces delineating my squares), I can plant ONE plant per square foot (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - I didn't go pull the book out). Which is what I did - I have precisely ONE tomato plant and ONE green tomatillo plant. Of course, since the box has four squares in each direction, there are some other veggies growing in there. Not that you could tell. I have gotten a couple of tomatoes and there a bunch of green tomatoes in there - just waiting for them to ripen.

The tomatillo, however, is concerning me. There are at least seventy hundred twenty flowers on there and not the start of a single tomatillo. At least not that I can see. As you can tell, that's rather a challenge. I feel bad for the jalapeno, green peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and one carrot. I'm sure they'd like to have the sun. Okay, maybe not the lettuce so much. I think the lettuce is enjoying all the shade.

How will I make homemade salsa with my own garden harvest if the tomatillo never produces? Sigh.


The arched PVC pipes? Those supported some mesh to protect the plants when they were young and vulnerable. When the tomato and tomatillo began to press against said mesh, I decided it was time to remove it. So they're wrapping around the PVC and expanding wherever they can go.

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