365 project - catching up

It seems that I can only manage batch posting lately. Sigh. I suppose it's better than bailing altogether, but I really, really want to get back to daily (or at least every-other-day) posting. Plus I haven't been very good at visiting my fellow participants, for which I apologize. I miss seeing all your great pix. Maybe that's why mine have become so boring. I have no inspiration lately. Of course, life is pretty routing around here most of the time.

Two teenage boys who are homeschooled and laid-back and don't do much for me to take pictures of.

Alium in the garden. I actually love shooting the alium almost daily right now in its various stages of blooming.

Apple trees that are full of blossoms. You can only shoot so many. Right?

That's about it. I need to go somewhere. Find something different to shoot. I love flowers, but really? They're getting a little boring.

Thoughts anyone?

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Tracy said...

Well, first of all PRE-Post, rather than catching up all the time! Makes for a better feeling! :)