through the lens: assignment 2

Understanding White Balance

Part B of this assignment was to take the best show I knew how, choosing what I felt to be the best light setting (the second part is first because the picture is cooler, imho).

This is SOOC (straight out of camera). I believe the white balance is fairly true to life, as it was a little overcast that morning.

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Assignment 2 was about light and white balance. We were to shoot something in the same place under bright light at different times during the day. Problem for me is that there was bright sun in the morning, bright sun in the middle of the day, and clouds in the evening. So the last shot was a week and a half later. In a slightly different location on the lawn yard. But even the first three show quite a variance in sunlight.

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LingoVise Says... said...

These are so very cool. Stellar Macro of the bees! Really like the concept of this meme & might have to check it out.

Great shots D!